“So popular is beer, the world’s best-selling alcoholic drink, that it is
often taken for granted. Yet scientific analysis shows that a glass of beer
has within it as many aromas and flavors as fine wine. Not everyone
understands this, but an increasing number of people do.”



April 3, 2007

Q1: What kind of beer do chickens drink?
Q2: What kind of beer do nerds drink? (I know you’re thinking ‘Anderson
Valley’ but that’s not the answer…)

Page down.

A1: *BOCK*
A2: Pilsner Urkel

Alcoholics Versus Drunks

March 20, 2007

Q: What’s the difference between a drunk and an alcoholic?
A: A drunk doesn’t have to go to all those damn meetings.

An alcoholic and his wife attend his company party. He drinks so much that he doesn’t rememeber anything about the party the next morning. The wife says, “Well, you did it this time.” He replied, “What do you mean?” She said, “You made an ass out of yourself in front of your boss.” “Piss on him!”, he retorted. “You did, and he fired you”, she slammed back. “Well fuck him then!”, he replied. Calmly, she replied, “I did. You go back to work on Monday.”

Quote: When an alcoholic stops drinking, problems caused by drinking stop happening, which leaves the alcoholic with the problems that caused his drinking.